The 15th edition of PriFest continues the tradition of providing a unique opportunity for film projects that are at the preproduction phase to be presented in the annual PriForum’s Best Pitch Competition. Many ambitious projects from the region (Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece and Serbia) have applied for the opportunity to have their film project compete for a number of awards.

The projects that have been selected for the 15th edition of the Best Pitch Competition are:

Balkan Projects for the Best Pitch Competition:

  1. LUCKY US, Director: Anita Morina; Producer: Allmir Suhodolli – Kosovo
  2. MEDUZA, Director: Mateo Cingu; Producer: Liridon Cahani – Albania
  3. I MUST GO DOWN BY THE SEA AGAIN, Director: Leart Rama; Producer: Valmira Hyseni – Kosovo
  4. THE WILL TO FIGHT, Director: Pauline Blanchet; Producer: Romir Jakupi - North Macedonia
  5. MY HAPPY FAMILY, Director: Alkım Özmen; Producer: Samet Hamiş - Turkey
  6. EVERYBODY DIES ON THE NEWS, Director: Viktor Ivanov ; Producer: Konstantin Vasilev – Bulgaria

Israel is this year’s Guest Country and the following projects have been selected for the Best Pitch Competition:

  1. SECOND WIFE, Director: Yousef Abu Mdegem; Producer: Elad Peleg
  2. THE PLAYBACK, Director: Liat Kaplan; Producer: Adi Navon
  3. THE RABBI, Director: Uriya Hertz; Producer: Yochanan Kredo
  4. TO CLOSE OPEN EYES, Director: Helly Mizrai; Producer: Eviatar Moncaz


Selected projects will also benefit from various training and networking events, such as a Pitching training with expert Claudia Landsberger.

All the selected projects for Best Pitch presentation will also have the unique opportunity to have:

A One to One coaching session on financing and co-production strategies with another great expert of the field, Linda Beath from EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs);

A One to One coaching session on co-production, funds and festival strategies with Graziella Bildesheim;

A One to One coaching session on Script Developing with Alejandro de la Fuente;

The traditional Best Pitch Competition also has awards for winning projects this year:

- Audio postproduction award Audio Final Mix (services), awarded by the company: In My Country Production, Kosovo

- Postproduction award Color grading (service) awarded by the company: In My Country Production, Kosovo;

- Equipment service Award, by Ikone production company, Kosovo;

- Development Award for the best Kosovan project, monetart price awarded by Kosovo Cinematography Center;

- Vanessa Redgrave Award for Best Pitch 2023, monetary Award of the sponsorship by Neptun Kosova;

- Best Pitch for Israeli projects, monetary Award by PriFest.

The Best Pitch Competition is only one of many activities that fall under the umbrella of Prishtina Film FORUM, PriFest’s film industry development platform that is reaching its 15th edition together with the festival.

We are also happy to announce that this edition of PriForum is powered by our sponsor Neptun Kosova.

PriFORUM and its activities - Best Pitch Competition, various trainings, Prishtina Rendezvous and the last but not least, Work in Progress - have served as a catalyst for many regional film projects which by now have been finalized and have been critically acclaimed in film festivals and by the audience.

PriFORUM is the film industry’s regional platform and is a component of PriFest. It will be held from September 14-15. The 15th edition of PriFest will be held from 12 to 17 September 2023.



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