PRIFEST presents the line-up of the Medium-Length Film Category (competitive)

We present lineup the Medium-Length films Competition program. Two world and two international premieres. Exciting films from four European countries at this unique film format.

ALMOST CRYING - by Aulona Selmani, Switzerland/ International Premiere (25 min).
Once a young widow, Nadie is under constant scrutiny from her rebellious sisters-in-law. But then a self-portrait from her past emerges and calls her way of life into question.

A BIG WALL – by Maarten Loix, Belgium/ International Premiere (42 min).
A year after their father dies, a tormented astrophysicist and his brother, an insurance broker, set out on a journey to sell a small piece of land they've inherited.

DENISE EST MORTE CE SOUIR - by Loïc Vanelle, France/ World Premiere (35 min)
Merlin, cashier, communicates with the dead in his supermarket. Nathalie wants to hear the last thoughts of her friend Denise.


TUNNEL AT THE END OF THE LIGHT - by Pető Szabolcs, Hungary/ World Premiere (49 min).

Through the individual fate of a man, our independent art film shows what our lives will be like in the not-too-distant future, when our world is a very different one in everything but appearance. A man's quest to finding freedom in an oppressive world through hiding. Through his story, we contemplate whether it is possible to remain human in such a world.

15th edition of PriFest, from 12-17 September.

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