PriFest 15 – All the winners


Full list of awards at PriFest 15

PriForum prizes:

Best Pitch AWARD Vanessa Redgrave in the amount of 1000 EUR goes to BIG IN GAZI BABA from North Macedonia given by Neptun;

Color Grading in Services in the amount of 10K given by In My Country Postproduction House goes to HAPPY FAMILY from Turkey;

Final Mix in Sound Postproduction in Services in the amount of 10K given by In My Country Postproduction House goes to EVERYBODY DIES ON THE NEWS from Bulgaria;

AWARD in the amount of 1000 EUR for Israel projects only goes to SECOND WIFE;

IKONE STUDIO PRIZE – 7K in services for Camera Equipment goes to LUCKY US from Kosovo;

KOSOVO CINEMATOGRAPHY CENTER AWARD for the Best Pitch in the amount of 3000 EUR will be divided for two projects:

1500 EUR for MEDUSA – Albania

1500 Euro for I MUST GO DOWN BY THE SEA AGAIN - Kosovo.

Awards for the best films:

Special recognition for the short film HOME OF THE HEART by Sarah Saidan, France;

Best Short Film: ROAD TRIPPER, by Christophe Granger, France

Best Medium Feature Film: SI NÉ VAJ by Aulona Selmani, Switzerland;

Golden Goddess for best actress goes to Eli Skorcheva for the film BLAGA'S LESSONS, Bulgaria;

Golden Goddess for best actor goes to twin brothers Edgar Morais and Rafael Morais from the film A CUP OF COFFEE AND NEW SHOES WEARED, Albania;

Golden Goddess for best director is shared between Fisnik Maxville and Stefan Kumandarev;

Golden Goddess - PriFest's award for annual achievement in cinematography for local filmmakers goes to producer VALON BAJGORA

"Vjosa Berisha Award" - Red Goddess for the best Balkan film divided between THE LAND WITHIN by Fisnik Maxville (Kosovo, Switzerland) and BLAGA'S LESSONS by Stefan Kumandarev (Bulgaria).

See you at the 16th edition of PriFest.

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